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De extra zware uittrekbare lade voor de Synthesizer/elektrische piano op de DUODESK KEY 60 maakt het voor componisten en songwriters mogelijk om met een groot master keyboard te kunnen werken

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De extra zware uittrekkbare lade voor de Synthesizer/elektrische piano op de DUODESK KEY 60 maakt het voor componisten en songwriters mogelijk om met een groot master keyboard te kunnen werken. Een speciale geleide rail vanuit de industrie zorg ervoor dat je lage installatie hoogtes krijg. Daarnaast zorgt het voor maximale stabiliteit en kan het met gemak de dynamische krachten aan tijdens het aanslaan van de toetsen tot wel een 30 kg wegens masterkeyboard in elke positie!


- Extra zwaar en stabiele lade voor een zwaar master keyboard tot 18 cm


Due to the angled side racks you always have your equipment within reach. The back-widening tabletop offers plenty of space for larger screens. If this is not enough, the option flexi+20 or flexi+50 makes the DUODESK KEY 60 even wider.


The DUODESK KEY 60 offers 52 rack units of space for your equipment. The Topracks are equipped with 2 x 10RUs, the lower side racks with 2 x 12RUs. Another 4 RUs – horizontally mounted – are located at the back sideracks for power strips or devices, that are necessary, but not neccessarily to be in close reach.

Open design

The open design of the table allows for a comfortable access to the equipment´s rear sides, on the other hand, this contributes to the optical – almost floating – design of DUODESK KEY 60. Upon request we offer semi-transparent Plexiglas leg facings for the outer legs.

Cable channel

The DUODESK KEY 60 features a cable channel which is located under the table top in the rear area that connects the two side racks together. The cable channel  is easily accessible and offers 2 cable outlets backwards, towpwards and sideways to comfortable set up and connect cubes, monitors or controllers.

Widening option flexi + 20/50

If you need a wider DUODESK KEY 60 because you use dual monitors or you have a slightly wider controller, this option is right for you. You can have your DUODESK KEY 60 either +20 or + 50cm wider. The flexi + 50 offers enough space between the side racks  (over> 120cm) – enough space for another engineer – and transforms the DUODESK KEY 60 into a 2 man working desk.


All DUODESK (KEY) 60 models can be equipped with optional nearfield- and rackshelves. Neafield shelves (49 x 23cm) are mounted on the upper side racks, and allow the positioning of smaller nearfield monitors. Optional 4RU rackshelves can be screwed into the topracks to provide horizontal space of 44 x 16cm each.


Keyboard drawer

The DUODESK KEY 60 is equipped with a ULGDS (Unterlass Linear Guides Drawer System) keyboard drawer for heavy master keyboards. The special thing about it: The special massive linear guide system from the industry handles heavy Master Keyboards up to 30kg – precise and stable without any vibrations. The drawer can be mounted at different heights, so you can exactly fit your keyboard and increase space for your legs.

Which keyboard sizes?

The maximum width of the keyboard is only limited by the outer legs of the DUODESK KEY 60. So it can handle keyboards that are up to 170cm in width – therefore you don´t need the option flexi +20 or +50cm. The height of the keyboard is limited to 18cm. Since the keyboard tray is adjustable in height, the space left for your legs will be the level of the tabletop base (74cm) minus the keyboard height. Depending on the depth of the keyboard, a collision with installed (deep) rack units in the first slots of the topracks can occur.

Materials and surfaces

The legs of the DUODESK KEY 60 are painted in black or white satin finish and give the table a quality look. The robust arm rest is unique and 100% handmade. It consists of a special steel profile, which is covered with soft imitation leather.

Colors & finishes

The standard colors of  the DUODESK KEY 60 is black or white. The popular option DELUXE features legs in real wood veneer (oiled or lacquered *). You can combine any wood finish with any table top and arm rest. E.g. zebrano + white tabletop, walnut with black table top, … We also offer any paintings of the legs in RAL or PANTONE colors (option COLOR).


We are happy to realize all special requests such as embedded controllers, additional extensions, all possible colors, finishes, surfaces and combinations for you.

Materiaal: Hout + Coating
Lengte: 2223 mm
Breedte: 1096 mm
Hoogte: 904 mm
Rackruimte: 60 HE
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