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Sale -9%
De MIZA M modulair meubel voor een keyboard tot wel 1415 mm lang, 400 mm breed en 162 mm hoog

Een dubbel rail systeem met vloer ondersteuning kan wel tot 30 kg dragen
€649,00 €589,00
Sale -29%
Wordt niet verzonden, Alleen af te halen in Gouda
Zonder monitor stands geleverd.
€1.399,00 €999,00
Sale -18%
Beat desk Showroom Model
€1.525,00 €1.250,00
Sale -5%
The VISION O is a 63” (1595mm) desk in an iconic black and white design that offers enough open space for all devices needed in today’s creative workflows: from speakers or headphones to multiple screens (optional screen arms available), Qwerty keyboards
€415,00 €395,00
Sale -24%
Optimized for corner mounting, Super Bass Extreme's elegant wooden front is based on Vicoustic's flagship Wavewood panel.
€460,00 €349,00
Sale -43%
Doorless, portable, and affordable acoustic booth with wood structure and window. VicBooth Premium is a new and revolutionary system that allows you to minimize the sound propagation from you to the world.
€4.400,00 €2.499,00
Sale -13%
The Cinema Round range of absorption panels provides a flexible solution for sound control across a multitude of applications.
€480,00 €419,00
Sale -12%
Multifuser DC 2 is a bi-dimensional diffusion panel that is frequently applied to walls or ceilings, providing multi-reflection on both vertical and horizontal planes in sound critical spaces
€440,00 €389,00
Cinema Round Premium - Natural White - B00548
Sale -12%
Flexi A50 POL
€589,00 €519,00
Sale -10%
With the Wavewood design a new diffuser product arrises.
€479,00 €429,00
Sale -15%
The revolutionary Flexi Wave acoustic panel brings performance and design to our homes.
€589,00 €499,00
Cinema Round Premium - Black - B00544
Sale -12%
The Vixagon Mini 40 FS Premium consists of acoustic foam and a Vicoustic cover with 8 different colors.
€409,00 €359,00
Sale -22%
Hue Lightstrip Plus - White and Color - 1m - uitbreiding
€25,00 €19,50
Sale -9%
Combo Feet
€55,00 €50,00
Sale -10%
Wavewood Diffuser Ultra White Mate
€289,00 €259,00
Sale -11%
Wavewood - Wenge - B00109
€649,00 €575,00
Sale -6%
Flexi Wave White Wood - Black Side - 60.15 - B00942
€319,00 €299,00
Sale -13%
RØDECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Console
€689,00 €599,00
Sale -2%
With encoder, switcher, monitor and record built in one, YoloBox is a studio and play device which allows you to do Full HD Live Stream, Multi-camera Production, Picture in Picture, Watermarks and many more.
€1.279,00 €1.249,00
Cinema Round Premium - Natural White - B00548
Prijs Per Stuk
Sale -40%
Monitor Isolation Pads - normale grootte
€42,00 €25,00
Sale -3%
it containing 4 Mega Fuser Bass Traps and 8 Pulsar absorption Panels. This is a complete solution for treating rooms that are less than 6 square meters in size.
€309,00 €299,00

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