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Bamboo Wood voor een mooie afwerking
Bamboo Wood voor een mooie afwerking
Voor een bijzonder effect en effectieve esthetische indeling van uw ruimte
Diffusion met een eigentijds design
Superior diffusie omlaag naar 800Hz
Superior diffusie omlaag naar 800Hz
Dezelfde opvallende eigenschappen als het metrofoam
Veelzijdige en betaalbare Diffussie
Diffusion met een eigentijds design

Acoustic sound diffusion keeps sound waves from grouping, so there are no hot spots or nulls in a room. In fact, sound diffusion greatly widens the “sweet spot” and lends a strong, 3D sense of openness to a room, making it easier to hear “into” a mix. Diffusion obliterates standing waves and flutter echoes without simply removing acoustic energy from the space or greatly changing the frequency content of the sound. Some famous recording artists like to perform in strongly diffusive environments because of the openness they hear. Acoustic sound diffusion can make a small space seem large and a large space seem even larger.

Sound diffusion in a control room imparts the all-important Initial Time Delay (ITD) that keeps early reflections off room boundaries from getting to your ears too soon and smearing the direct sound you hear from your monitors. In conjunction with sound absorption, sound diffusion can effectively turn virtually any space into one that is appropriate and useful for the purpose of recording or monitoring sound with a high degree of accuracy.

While Diffusion is an important piece of acoustical treatment, make sure to complete your room plan by also including our AbsorptionBass Trapping,  ISO-Series™ Isolation products in order to maximize the effectiveness of your total treatment system. Additionally, our Construction/Isolation products can be used for sound isolation of a space.

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