Artnovion Azteka Doble W - Bass Trap - Wall - FG | (L05) Silver

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With a peak absorption from 80 Hz to 120 Hz, the Wall Bass Trap offers an enriched acoustic experience


With a peak absorption from 80 Hz to 120 Hz, the Wall Bass Trap offers an enriched acoustic experience, directly attenuating standing waves. The various front designs available for the Wall Bass Trap allow you to create artistic patterns when mounted on the walls of your home studio or recording room, completely indistinguishable from the Artnovion absorber range.

The Wall Bass Trap - 595 x 1190 - equivalent to 2 standard panels, is equipped with a weighted pistonic membrane enclosing a volume with a high performance acoustic core. This design allows for a precisely tuned, high performance absorption. Bringing you the maximum performance in as least space as possible.


Dimensions: 595x1190x56mm

Weight: 8.5Kg



Units per box: 2

Dimensions: 1235x200x665mm

Volume: 0.164m3

Weight: 19.22Kg


- Room mode control
- Bass ratio control
- Low frequency RT reduction
- Improving low frequency response
- Reducing low frequency time decay


Recommended for

- Vertical Wall 
- Small Room Acoustics
- Acoustic pressure zones



Pistonic Diaphragmatic Absorber


Absorption range: 80 Hz to 120 Hz


Peak Absorption Frequency: 90 Hz


- Natural Wood veener | Lacquered HMDF
- Marine grade plywood structural frame
- Calibrated cell acoustic foam


This panels can only be installed on vertical wall corners. Not for ceiling use.







FG - LW | 595x1190x56mm

FG - NW | 595x1190x56mm

Fixing Systems


6b771113 fa06 40d5 af09 28edcee059b1 + FixArt - Tube

Available Finishes:

(FG - LW) Lacquered Wood Finishes
Artnovion product finish 7662 1ffdc6bc6a

FG | (L01) Blanc

Artnovion product finish 7663 dd73c20410

FG | (L02) Noir

Artnovion product finish 7664 5e69869cb6

FG | (L03) Rouge

Artnovion product finish 7665 0d634eb11f

FG | (L05) Silver

Artnovion product finish 7666 20fc9da763

FG | (L06) Noir Vintage

Artnovion product finish 7667 7aa4683a27

FG | (L07) Graphite Black

Artnovion product finish 7668 92866b4389

FG | (L08) Rose Gold

Artnovion product finish 7669 ddb34c0aec

FG | (L09) Classic Gold

Artnovion product finish 7670 bec37d9d7c

FG | (L10) Bronze

Artnovion product finish  1e5528b2ae

FG | (L11) Raw White

Artnovion product finish  8627db3c44

FG | (L12) Raw Black

(FG - NW) Natural Wood Finishes
Artnovion product finish 7671 987b193fef

FG | (W01) Cerise

Artnovion product finish 7672 b61c92260a

FG | (W02) Marron

Artnovion product finish 7673 75b7585413
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